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Here is what you need to know when you incentive your participants:

Ethical Rewards

In Populix, we endore the principle of 'ethical rewards. That is we recommend that researchers compensate participants with at least Rp. 50,000 per hourly basis.

Participant Rewards

You can put the reward amount based on estimated completion time of your studies, with Rp. 50,000 per hourly basis.

Transparent Pricing

We charge cost efficient straight forward pricing. i.e. fix fee of Rp 100,000 per participant plus 10% of reward amount. Sounds complicated? Please try our cost calculator.

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Study Creation

For an extra fee, our team of qualified and experienced experts can design the study for you.

Fast & Flexible Screening

You can easily filter participants by any demographics. For example, by gender, age, nationality, first language, employment status and many more.

Motivated Participants, Anytime

Access reliable, on-demand participants anytime for your surveys or studies. Check your responses before you approve participant rewards.